The world's most awesome jQuery Image & Content Slider
Presented by Hemn Chawroka
Captions can be positioned and resized freely
Some of iView's Options:
Touch swipe for iOS and Android devices
Image And Thumbs Fully Resizable
Customizable Transition Effect
Freely Positionable and Stylable Captions
Cross Browser Compatibility!

The Responsive Caption

This is the product that you all have been waiting for!

Customize this slider with just a little HTML and CSS to your very needs. Give each slider some captions to transport your message.

All in all it works on every browser (including IE6 / 7 / 8) and on iOS and Android devices!
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来源作者:Hemn Chawroka 代码整理:懒人图库 感谢:西西


响应式设计是指页面可以自动响应用户的设备环境,可自动调整分辨率的功能,今天给大家推荐的就是一个 jQuery 响应式幻灯片插件 - iView。

iView 是一个支持显示图片、视频、文字等内容的响应式幻灯片插件,它能够完好的支持触屏操作。此插件中内置了35种变换效果,你还可以对每一张幻灯片设置不同的效果。同时它还提供了3种进度显示方式以提醒用户下一张何时显示。您也可以用它来在位置有限的区域显示多张广告banner。另外,它也提供了丰富的API可让你对其进行控制。总之,iView不会让你失望,懒人图库推荐下载!